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Achieve great results with just one application every two weeks!

Chitosal contains two bioactive plant effectors that trigger a dramatic response within the plant.

 Chitosal has been carefully formulated to trigger a dramatic response using powerful plant effectors. ChitoSal is made up of oligochitsan and salicin, growers are able to trigger plant defense pathways and achieve amazing results with as little as five applications. Chitosal is compatible with all base nutrients and growing mediums. 

An organic way to maximize your plants full genetic potential.

  • Increased cannabinoid levels
  • Increased trichome development & resin production
  • Enhanced terpene profile
  • Faster transition into flowering
  • TRIGGERS two separate plant defence pathways
  • Proprietary manufacturing process of oligochitosan
  • Increased flowering and bud formation
  • Compatible with all nutrient programs. (synthetic and organic)
  • Compatible for use with any growing media
  • GREAT VALUE only five applications needed
  • Simple to use apply only once every two weeks
  • Promotes tolerance to salt, heat, and drought

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