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Growing Tips & Articles

  • agronomic advice article - bud timelapse

    Agronomic Advice

    How come some people manage to grow magnificent plants while others consider themselves lucky if they can simply get their plants to survive? The answer lies mainly in the gardener’s famous green thumb. Of course, you don’t have to be...

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  • Aeroponic Gardens Article

    Aeroponic Gardens

    What is the difference between an aeroponic and a hydroponic system?   Instead of flooding periodically or continuously as with a conventional hydroponic system, aeroponic systems briefly mist the nutrient solution over the roots. As a result, lots of air...

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  • Climate & Environment

    Climate & Environment

    When growing indoors, climate, maintaining the optimal acid/alkaline balance, and the right dose of nutrients each play a key role in your plants’ yields. The same goes for the quality of the final product. You can significantly alter your yield...

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