Active Aqua Root Spa System bucket 5 gal

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This hydroponic bucket system is perfect if you want to grow bigger plants as it will allow each one of your plants to grow individually with the space it needs. It is the system you need if you want to cultivate several plants of the same variety. It is an idyllic system to cultivate tomatoes as well as Marijuana if your province of residence obeys the Canadian federal law granting you the right to 4 cannabis plants (NB: Quebec is not one of these provinces). 



This affordable system will allow you to reach a great capacity for your plants and ensure an abundant production.

The system comes with

  • 1- 4 or 8 buckets depending on the option you choose to go with
    • Each bucket as its own mesh basket
    • Each bucket as its own watertight seal
  • 1 air pump


The root spa doesn’t include lighting and we would advise you to add lightning equipment, particularly with the shorter days of winter to ensure at least 14 hours of lights to your crops. To go with the root spa, two types of hydroponics lights could be adequate :

The HPS 400w Light will go great with any of your

but it will provide additional heat. If you’re looking to maintain a cooler environment or if you have the need for several lights, we would recommend going with the LED technology to ensure a better climate. In this case, the LED closet case light could be the deal for you.

To install your lighting system we recommend the rising sun XXL


To get your system up and running we would recommend getting some Rockwool propagation sheets and some clay pebbles. We also recommend getting some fertilizer. Our bloom fertilizer and some Big Bud fertilizer would be perfect for your cannabis plantation. On the other hand, if you are growing tomatoes we would recommend going with some Gal-Mag as well as some bloom fertilizer.


Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 38 cm

1 bucket, 4 buckets, 8 buckets