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Nutri+ Thrive

by Nutri+
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Plant tonic.

Perfect for foliar application.

For all types of crops.


·         Energizing blend of seaweed extracts and amino acids for the growth of mass flowering, greening of leaves and stress reduction.

·         Source of vitamin B1 and several other vitamins, natural hormones coming from seaweeds and from trace minerals.  All these ingredients are necessary to stimulate the formation and the regeneration of damaged radical tissue, either by high substrate salinity, pathogens, nutrient deficiency or an excessive drying out of the substrate; while activating the mechanisms of the plant natural resistance.

·         Exclusive process of seaweed extraction for a clear product that does not block irrigation systems. Unique on the market!

·         Eliminate transplanting shock.

·         Reinforces the immune system.

·         Stimulate the creation and the development of roots.


By facilitating the conversion of sugars into energy, nutri + THRIVE accelerates the cell division and the development of buds, leaves and flowers.

nutri+ THRIVE minimizes the negative impact related to conditions of extreme growth of indoor and outdoor gardens.  

nutri+ THRIVE is also enriched with amino acids, key elements of growth and yield.

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nutri + thrive 112

J'adore ce produit, il fait comme dit! Mes plantes adorent et je ne prendrai pas autre chose. Merci