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Hortilux Platinum E-Ballast 1000W Hps 120 / 240

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Discover the EYE Hortilux E-Ballast 1000W

The 1000w Hortilux ballast made with Japanese not Chinese components will last longer than any other ballast on the market, delivering consistent performance and getting the most out of your Hortilux 1000w bulbs and lamps. When you buy this ballast from Growers House it includes a free 1000w Eye Hortilux Enhanced HPS lamp.


The Eye Hortilux Platinum Ballast provides a consistent power supply to your grow lamps. This allows your HORTILUX HPS or MH grow lamps to do what they were designed to do, which is, provide a quality light spectrum for your garden. Grow lamps are responsible for providing quality light to your garden. Ballasts are responsible for providing the power to your grow lamp. 

The Eye Hortilux Platinum Series e-Ballasts - provide consistent, stable power to the lamp for high intensity and a quality spectrum. 

Included with the Hortilux Platinum 1000 Watt Ballast:

120/240V EYE HORTILUX Platinum Series electronic ballast
120V cord (240V cord sold separately)
3-year warranty 

Hortilux Digital Platinum Ballast Technology
Designed by experts in lamp-ballast compatibility
High frequency, sine wave operation

Operates HORTILUX Super HPS, HORTILUX BLUE and HORTILUX e-Start Metal Halide
Lamp detection for safe operation (open & short circuit protection)
Long range igniter installed - Up to 70'
Cool operating temperature
Soft start technology - 120 Hertz, Low Frequency Square Wave
Silent operation
Clean CoolTM Technology channels airflow to reduce dirt & dust accumulation on critical electronic components (Patent Pending JP201162403)
Hortilux Electronic Platinum Ballast Features
UL Listed and ETL Certified in the USA & Canada for fire and electrical safety
Generator ready
Flip box ready
Extends lamp life
Completely sealed against dust and moisture
Provides consistent, stable power to the lamp for high intensity and a quality spectrum
Flicker-Free steady state operation
High Power Factor

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