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Grodan A-Ok Starter Plugs 1.5'' 98/Sheet

by Grodan
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$14.95 - $17.95
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A-Ok Starter Plugs™ are for starting seeds and rooting cuttings prior to plugging into larger Gro-Blocks™.

The 1.5” size fits perfectly in the Gro-Smart tray as well as all our pre-drilled Gro-Blocks.
One advantage of using the Gro-Smart tray is that it elevates the plugs above the waterline and ensures good airflow around the plugs.
A-Ok plugs come labeled with instructions in a shrink-wrapped package that fits a standard 10 x 20 tray (flat).

Detailed description:

- A-OK PLUGS /MACROPLUGS : AO 36/40 (1.5” plugs)
- Size of Plug : 1.4" sq. x H 1.57"
- Plugs/Package : 98

Package includes:

 Grodan A-OK STARTER PLUGS 1.5'' 98 / SHEET

Customer Reviews

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My expertise Pro & Con

My beans are already showing there heads. I swear only by Grodan. Tried other brands in the past. Not the same level of humidity. Had bad results. Like the lava wool dried to fast & I don't remember the other Issues. Like this old timer of mine Had been trained by an old english florist told me ::(I quote) `` When U have a method & that it works, Don't change anything. " I do remember him. He passed me his passion for flowers. We were more in POT at that time & one time lost a hole batch of clones after worked on it till eleven at night. even with Grodan. He wasn't accustumed with it.& he was with neon no roots compared to 400 watts to start the seeds, this time I remembered his advise , just bought for 320$ for 19 seeds. so follow his advise. Had the grodan rack with this but had to order Clonex on Amazon reason Hydro D was out of stock. It's easy to understand at this time of the year. Good luck to U... HO! don't forget : Distilled Water & don't touch the beans with Ure hands. Otherwise U'll pay to learn. It ain't as easy as that. Had roots easyly as long as 8 inches.Had to be carefull to untangle them. Leave empty spaces between the blocks. Me it was abought 40 in the 78 cells. Just do Ure own EXP........Reoder fromHydro Dionne Best prices & a service 55555 ***** I swear I dind't gave U all of my tricks!!! HA!Ha!ha!

Jimmy Lévesque

Super 🙏

Jean-Maurice Fournier