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Commercial Hydroponics Systems and Supplies

Montreal-Based Commercial Hydroponic Supplier

Since 1994, HydroDionne has been a trusted name in the hydroponics and gardening community in Montreal. Our commitment to excellence and quality has made us a go-to resource for a diverse clientele, ranging from research facilities to large-scale commercial hydroponic farms and cannabis producers. With an expanding online store, we continue to offer the finest in hydroponics systems and supplies to help businesses achieve optimal growth and success. 

Learn more about our commercial services and the various ways we can support your business.

Exploring Hydroponics Systems & Supplies for Commercial Operations

In the world of commercial hydroponics, precision and efficiency are paramount. HydroDionne recognizes the unique demands placed on businesses engaged in hydroponic farming, and we've tailored our offerings to meet those demands.

A robust hydroponic system is the backbone of any thriving commercial hydroponic farming operation. At HydroDionne, we offer a wide range of hydroponic systems designed to suit the needs of commercial operations. From nutrient film technique (NFT) system equipment to drip system options, ebb and flow system solutions, and more, our offering ensures you have the right products for your specific crops and space.

100% Laboratory Tested

Nutrient Solutions for Growth

Hydroponic farming relies on precise nutrient solutions to deliver essential elements to plant roots. Our nutrient solution selection is carefully formulated to provide the perfect balance of macronutrients and micronutrients, promoting vigorous growth and bountiful yields. Whether you're cultivating hydroponic produce or other crops, our nutrient solutions are your recipe for success. 

Not Tested On Animals

Irrigation Systems for Efficiency

Efficient irrigation is key to managing water and nutrient delivery in a commercial hydroponic system. HydroDionne offers a variety of irrigation system options, including nutrient film technique (NFT) systems and drip systems. These systems minimize water waste and ensure that every plant receives the right amount of nutrient-rich water for optimal growth.

Natural Ingredients

Pots and Saucers for Precision

Commercial Grow Lights for Maximum Yields

In hydroponic farming, lighting plays a critical role in photosynthesis and overall plant health. HydroDionne offers commercial grow lights tailored to the unique requirements of hydroponic farming. Experience exceptional yields and energy efficiency with our cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Water and Soil Analysis Equipment for Precision Farming

To maintain the health of your hydroponic farm, regular monitoring of water and soil conditions is essential. Our water and soil analysis equipment ensures you have the data you need to make informed decisions. This precision farming approach helps you fine-tune your nutrient solutions and growing conditions for optimal results.

Expert Support

Hydroponics System Wholesale

We understand the need for cost-effective solutions in the commercial hydroponics industry. We offer wholesale commercial pricing to ensure that businesses of all sizes can access top-quality hydroponics supplies and systems.

Our wholesale pricing options are designed to enhance cost-effectiveness, enabling you to remain competitive in the market. We also provide free quotes for bulk orders, allowing you to plan your purchases strategically and within budget.

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