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Our website is currently not accepting orders. Updates will follow shortly.
Our website is currently not accepting orders. Updates will follow shortly.

cannabis equipment

Hydrodionne - Veteran Cannabis Equipment Suppliers

Montreal-based hydroponics and gardening store

At Hydrodionne, our Montreal-based hydroponics and gardening store has been a trusted source of high-quality agriculture products and expert advice since 1994, and we have since expanded our offerings with an easily accessible online store.

With a wide ranging clientele, including local supermarkets, large and small scale licensed cannabis producers, greenhouses, flower shops, and many others, Hydrodionne has become a go-to resource for those looking to achieve optimal growth and success in their operations.

Learn more about Hydrodionne and how we support our cannabis industry partners:

Cannabis Products and Services for Commercial Operations

100% Laboratory Tested

wide range of products and consulting services

We recognize the distinct requirements of cannabis growers, which is why we offer an extensive range of products and consultation services to optimize every aspect of the cannabis growing and cultivation process. 

Not Tested On Animals

vigorous growth

Our nutrient-rich fertilizers provide the essential elements and micronutrients needed for robust growth and bountiful yields. From vegetative growth to flowering stages, our fertilizers support every phase of your cannabis plants' development, promoting vigorous growth, enhanced flavors, and aromatic profiles. 

Natural Ingredients

climate control systems

100% Paraben Free

top-quality accessories

Cannabis Equipment Wholesale

Hydrodionne recognizes the importance of cost management for commercial cannabis operations, which is why we offer wholesale commercial pricing and consultation services to our esteemed clients.

Our special pricing options are designed to enhance accessibility and cost-effectiveness, to help your business remain competitive. We also provide free quotes for bulk orders, so you can make strategic purchases that are in line with your budget and goals. Count on Hydrodionne as your trusted partner, committed to providing top-quality cannabis supplies and valuable support.

Expert Support

Cannabis Growing Supplies for Commercial Operations


With our experienced team of professionals and a wealth of cannabis industry knowledge, we are able to provide expert consultations to help businesses optimize their operations. 

Variety of components

From fertilizers, flood tables, grow lights, growing mediums, climate controllers, and all components required for a hydroponic system, we have everything you need to grow strong, healthy plants and achieve maximum yields.

  • Whether you are looking for product recommendations, growing advice or custom solutions and support, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed and grow. 

What Our Customers Are Saying


Trusted source of high-quality cannabis equipment