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About Us

Hydrodionne logo

Hydroculture Guy Dionne, aka Hydrodionne was founded in 1994 and remains the biggest retail store and warehouse in Montreal dedicated to Hydroponics ever since. Hydrodionne is known to be the leader and pioneer of the Hydroponics industry. We carry a full range of top quality products for hydroponic and aeroponic gardens, greenhouse equipment, lighting systems, pest control products, climate control, fertilizers and growing mediums. 

Hydrodionne is quality of service and expertise

From its inception, the company’s mission has been to provide hydroponics enthusiasts, novices and even the most demanding specialists with a complete range of high-quality, state-of-the-art products. What really sets us apart is not only our selection of products, but the vast knowledge we have to offer on all things growing. Not sure where to start? We're the right people to help.

Our Team

Our team is operated by a diverse group of executives, hydroponics specialists, sales and customer service representatives and logistics personnel. We have been serving the Montreal and Quebec regions for over 25 years. Our experts will provide consultation for all your growing needs and challenges. Come and see us to chat about your projects and take advantage of the best products in the retail market.