HydroDionne is entering the 21st century with our new on-line shopping website.

Who would have imagined it.  HydroDionne established in 1994 is modernising substantially 22 years after opening in Montreal.  We have worked on our new website that will allow our customers to visit our boutique in the comfort of their home. The new website offers many advantages.

Firstly, we advertise our retail prices for every item which was not the case before. Our customers can better budget purchases for their projects and consequently forecast investments. Whether they come into our store or visit our website, it offers a concise and clear pricing structure. Understandingly, for customers who choose to stay at home and thereby avoiding the traffic in and around Montreal or simply picking up the merchandise at our store, our on-line shopping is here to stay. Our payment procedure with PAYPAL is a very safe and secure method which offers payment via credit card. We will ship the order via Canada Post in a confidential and secure way.

You may preferably choose to have the merchandise shipped by Expedibus to a bus-depot of your choice.

It will be our pleasure to greet you in large number on our new way of doing business. It will enable us to join our far away and less mobile customers.

HydroDionne is proud to be your favourite hydro shop since 1994.