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Hydroponic Gardens

Hydroponic Gardens

At Hydrodionne, we prefer to deal with proven growing systems that are simple, economical, efficient and robust. We believe that the best system is the one that will enable you to make the most of your knowledge and skills, and allow you to work confidently at your own pace. This is why we have developed a full range of hydroponic systems, from tried and true systems (flood trays, continuous flow systems) to others that use the latest aeroponic technology.

For every technology, our specialists have designed and selected the most efficient and effective components and systems. And we propose only the very best substrates, fertilizers and additives. In every case, our customers benefit from the warranties and expert advice that have made the reputation of Hydrodionne for the last 17 years in Montréal and Quebec City.

The following summarizes the advantages and drawbacks of the main systems on the market:

Flood trays

Advantages: less expensive to purchase, maximum use of lamps, no height constraints, good yield per m2, well documented method, and more versatile.

Drawbacks: new stone wool required for every new culture, and lots of maintenance required in terms of the plants (removal of dead leaves, pruning, cutting, etc.) and of the trays.

Continuous flow systems

Advantages: fewer plants for the same yield, reusable substrate, little maintenance, no need to cut back plants, no salt accumulation on the roots, better oxygenation of the roots, roots are always protected, solid and durable construction.

Drawbacks: higher up-front cost, more lighting required.

Aeroponic system

Advantages: optimal use of the growth surface, maximum oxygenation of the roots, no restrictions in the root environment, faster growth.

Drawbacks: more sustained attention required, more expensive to purchase. HGDi has a new Mini-Module Aero, which is a reliable and economical compromise that is ideal for introducing you to aeroponics.

Stonewool or coconut fibre?

In HYDROPONICS, the use of stonewool has some definite advantages. It reduces costs by approximately 30%, provides better water retention, maintains a good air/water ratio and, most of all, it keeps the system sterile, whereas coconut fibre introduces organic material with all of the associated risks (including parasites).

In EARTH or potting soil, on the other hand, coconut fibre has the benefit of giving the soil a more solid structure.

Not sure which system to choose?

Stop by one of our two large stores in Montréal or Quebec City, take a look at our many demonstration gardens, and talk to our consultants about which system would best meet your objectives.

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