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Climate & Environment

Climate & Environment

When growing indoors, climate, maintaining the optimal acid/alkaline balance, and the right dose of nutrients each play a key role in your plants’ yields. The same goes for the quality of the final product. You can significantly alter your yield by carefully adjusting the pH and the conductivity of your nutrient solution, as well as the climate in your growth chamber.

In addition to the wide range of instruments for measuring pH and conductivity, we have highly reliable instruments to precisely control the following parameters:

  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • ventilation and air circulation
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) content
  • odours

You can increase your plant yields by 30% to 40% by simply raising the CO2 from 300 to 900 ppm. This is easy to do with our precise control systems, which are linked to burners and to a CO2 enrichment monitor system.

Overly high temperatures not only stimulate photorespiration at the expense of photosynthesis, but also infestation by certain parasites such as two-spotted spider mites. It is essential, particularly in the summer, to be able to evacuate the air from the growth chambers within five minutes. Of course, overly low temperatures significantly reduce the growth rate of plants, and can go as far as to cause fungal problems and lower water and mineral absorption. The importance of renewing the air and conserving proper CO2 and humidity levels cannot be overemphasized. Given that CO2 is heavier than air, it tends to accumulate at ground level, thus making it unusable by the plants. To correct this problem, a simple oscillating fan can keep the air circulating properly, and thereby keep the CO2 accessible.

To reduce odours, there is a wide range of ozone generators that are designed to be installed in the growth chamber or connected to an air intake/exchange system. These products carry manufacturer’s warranties. Different types of deodorants are also available in vaporizer or gel form. There are also different types of machines with activated carbon filters that provide an efficient and safe way to reduce odours.

If you want to eliminate odours completely in your garden, your best solution is to combine these different techniques.

Remember that careful management of the climate will significantly develop the full potential of your growth system and increase the return on your investment.

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