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agronomic advice article - bud timelapse

Agronomic Advice

How come some people manage to grow magnificent plants while others consider themselves lucky if they can simply get their plants to survive? The answer lies mainly in the gardener’s famous green thumb. Of course, you don’t have to be an agronomist or to have studied agriculture in order to have that green thumb, but building up your scientific and practical knowledge through the study of plants can help improve your success rate when cultivating a garden.

At HGDi, we will gladly answer all of your questions, even the complicated and specific ones. You can always be confident in the answers you get from the agronomist, horticultural technician or forestry engineer, all of whom are on site at all times. You can either drop by or make an appointment with any of these experienced professionals. To make an appointment, go to the Contact tab. Knowing your plant’s needs is the number one requirement for successful growing. Lighting comes second, and then all of the other factors. This is why you should come by and talk to our experts and get their advice, which they will be pleased to provide free of charge.

The best time to talk about yields is when you are shopping at HGDi. Just a few minutes of your time could save you a lot of worry and money! We look forward to seeing you at the store.

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