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Aeroponic Gardens Article

Aeroponic Gardens

What is the difference between an aeroponic and a hydroponic system?


Instead of flooding periodically or continuously as with a conventional hydroponic system, aeroponic systems briefly mist the nutrient solution over the roots. As a result, lots of air gets to the roots, which results in a highly developed root structure that significantly accelerates plant growth without adversely affecting the full development of the foliage, flowers or fruit.

Aeroponics has been used for more than 20 years. If you get a chance to visit the EPCOT Centre in Florida, you will see aeroponics used in large-scale applications at The Land Pavilion. The technology has been adapted to small domestic gardens in many different forms: scuppers, pipes, bins, etc.

At HGDi, we have figured out that the secret of aeroponic systems, whether small or large, is to encourage the full development of the root system. This is why HGDi has designed an innovative aeroponic system: the Generation II and Mini-Aero aeroponic gardens. These gardens use deep bins and a careful arrangement of misting valves in order to give the roots all the space they need to spread out and not be immersed in the nutrient solution.

The Generation II system has several additional advantages:

  • it is very robust and easy to maintain, generating consistently high yields;
  • the bins can be arranged in many different ways to adapt to the dimension and shape of the growing room. The plants are placed in the rectangular bins in ways that promote the most intensive use of light for maximum yield; and
  • one pump can serve up to six bins.

The Mini-Aero system is a reliable and economical compromise for anyone wishing to start using aeroponics. Its main advantages are as follows:

  • it is compact, measuring 2′ x 1.5′ for the basic 9-site system or 6′ x 4′ for a 54-site system, and is thereby perfectly suited for limited spaces;
  • it is very easy to set up and use, and an assembly sketch is provided. In addition, none of the Mini-Aero system parts are glued, which makes it easy to adjust and dismantle it for maintenance; and
  • one pump can serve up to six bins.

Our two large stores in Montréal and Quebec City have working displays of the Generation II and Mini-Aero systems. Come talk to our consultants and see for yourself the ingenuity, solidity and performance of our aeroponic gardens.

HGDi is different!

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